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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
1. How could I order a wedding cake? How to book consultation to discuss design and choose flavors?
We will be happy to assist you for any wedding cake inquiries.

There are 3 options on how to discuss taste, cake flavors and how to order:

1. You may contact our Call center via phone 04 813 2313, or via mobile\whatsapp on 050-693-5547. In this case, you don't have to visit us, the design will be discussed, agreed and approved by whatsapp.

2. Free consultation and flavor selection at one of our cake-shops in: Mirdif, Al Barsha, Al Rashidiya, all in Dubai, UAE.

3. Free consultation and wedding cake flavor selection at our main factory in Dubai, with chef, if required. Booking of the consultation in advance is necessary any day, except Thursday and Friday.
2. Do you offer wedding cake flavor tastings?
Yes, we do provide cake tastings for wedding cakes.

You can select up to 5 different flavors from our classic pastries at any of our branches or by phone. We can have it available at our branch at the time of your appointment or we can have it delivered directly to your doorstep.

It is complimentary if you place an order for wedding cake with us.

We will charge you at the time of tasting, however, we will deduct it from the total amount of your final wedding cake. Charge for samplings depends on the quantity of pastries you want to select and a 20% discount is applicable as a retail sampling price.

Flavors of wedding cake to taste and to decide (same or different for each layer):

- Honey sponge;

- Chocolate sponge;

- Vanilla sponge;

- Layers of chocolate vanilla sponge;

- Chocolate fudge (+21 AED per KG);

- Red velvet (+21 AED per KG);
3. I have the design of the cake of my dream. Could you make it and deliver it to me?
Yes, all your wishes can come true with us!

You can browse our portfolio and do some adjustments in its design, or we can design a unique cake together with you, or we can reproduce any cake of your dream if you have only a picture\photo of it.

Before doing a wedding cake, a booking confirmation with design sketch for your confirmation will be sent by our sales advisors to avoid any part of information will be missed or misunderstood.
4. How much do your cakes cost?
Our wedding cake prices starts at AED 20.47 AED per 1 slice (1 guest) or AED 22.57 per 1 slice (1 guest) depending on complexity of the wedding cake.

It is approximately equal to AED 204.7 or AED 225.7 per 1 KG of wedding cake (approximately 1 slice for a guest = 100 gr).

This rate is applicable for honey, chocolate, vanilla sponges, and with the same designs from this website's gallery. The rate may go up depending on flavor, additional decoration, special requests, etc.

Dummy (fake) layers costs are cheaper than edible layers.

Dummy layers are used for additional stages, and for weight support purpose, if decided by our chef.
5. What about quality, will guests be happy?
We are known for the best quality in UAE for its price as per feedback from our clients.

Only natural, highest-quality ingredients, mostly from European countries, are used by our chefs.

We never compromise quality of our cake and positive customer feedback is the most valuable price for us.

Here are some rules to make taste and quality of the cake more delicious and unforgettable for guests:

1) Cake taste is best when cake is chilled.

Make sure wedding cake will be in very cool or chilled (0/+5C) area before serving it to guests;

2) Consequently, wedding cake delivery must be made few hours in advance (1-3h) to keep it cool. Not too early, if there is no chilled space where to store the cake, not too late to avoid any discrepancy.

3) If cake cutting ceremony is outdoor, then it is advisable to: 1) keep wedding cake indoor in cool\chilled area, and relocate to outdoor only for 10 min for ceremony and then distribute slice to guests; 2) make figures\flowers on wedding cake with artificial\plastic figures to prevent its occasional melting.

4) Do not experiment with sponge and filling (cream) combination, but to follow our advises.

It is the best price rate in UAE market for the quality that you will receive. It is affirmed by our loyal clients, stars wedding, and royal families' weddings.
6. Do you recommend second (spare) wedding cake?
Wedding day is very important day and everybody wants to make it unforgettable. However life is often unpredictable.

To avoid even smallest chance that something might go wrong and affect a wedding day, we provide to clients a spare wedding cake option.

Spare wedding cake is usually done simpler and lesser than the main cake, or it could be done as same design 1:1 of the main wedding cake, if you want.

A spare wedding cake could be a nice dessert complement for your guests in addition to the main cake, or it could be used on next day if stored properly (0C to +5C).

Upon booking of the wedding cake, just inform us you if would like to proceed for a spare wedding cake as well.
7. How far in advance shall I book my Wedding Cake?
Max time: We take orders for up to 1 year in advance for weddings and large events.

Min time: Recommended time for advanced order:

- Not later than one week in advance to place order for a wedding cake lesser than 8 kg;

- Not later than 10 days in advance to place order for wedding cakes more than 8 kg.
8. Do you need a deposit?
As per company policy, we accept a wedding cake order with minimum 50% advance payment to reserve your wedding cake.

Payment could be done: via online payment by card; cash\card at any of our branch; bank transfer.

Call center or sales advisors at our branches will assist you with this.

Balance payment is done upon receiving of the cake.
9. May I add or change something on my design or change delivery date?
Your cake is important to us and we will do our utmost to accommodate any design or date changes.

However, we cannot guarantee to do additions or modifications in some cases.

Company policy says that any changes made to your original wedding cake design or delivery time must be agreed at least 7 days before delivery/collection date, i.e. before starting cake decoration production, and may result in a change in the quoted price.

At the same time we always wish to make our customers happy, so our chefs and decorators will consider every design change request individually depending on its complexity, and time remaining before delivery date, and will give you answer through our call center whether required changes are possible to implement, or it is too late, and how much it would cost.
10. Cancellation and refund
We can refund the full amount of the deposit given if the cake is <8 kg and was not yet started (7 days before order delivery).

We can refund 50% of the deposit given, if the order was accepted later than 7 days before delivery date, and customer cancelled order same day of its confirmation.

We can not refund the deposit given if order was accepted by us later than 7 days before delivery date, and customer cancelled order on the day after confirmation date because cake production process is already started.

Alternatively to refund, payment deposits can also be transferred to any other order within our company in the case of cancellation.
11. Do you deliver and set up the cake? What are the requirements to place?
We deliver wedding cakes of all sizes* across the Dubai & UAE. Toppers, artificial flowers** or any other additional supplies, which we are not able to provide, must be delivered to us at least 3 days before the wedding date.

Delivery will be by our fleet of chilled van\truck:

• Within Dubai: delivery is free on all orders over AED 400.

• Within Dubai: delivery charge of AED 15 applies to all orders under AED 400.

• Other Emirates: Delivery is free on all orders over AED 1100.

• Other Emirates: delivery charge of 30 to 50 AED applies to all orders in between AED 1000 and AED 400-600, depending on Emirate. Call center or branch sales advisors will guide you on it.

We also propose a pickup option from our factory if required, but this option is not advisable.

For cakes which must be assembled on site because of design, we come with our chef\decorator to do it, at least 2 hours before the cutting ceremony time.

*Max width of a cake basement shall be lesser than 1.8 m if it's required to be done from 1 piece.

** Flowers: as per Dubai Municipality Circular of 14/07/19, natural flowers or their parts can't be used anymore in food industry. Only artificial flowers as decorative elements could be used.
12. Is everything on my cake edible?
Your order may contain some non-edible items such as artificial flower, sticks for toys, holders or other non-edible parts in decorative elements. Please remove all artificial decoration and such elements at the time that the cake is being sliced and served.
13. Can you add fresh flowers to my cake?
As per Dubai Municipality Circular of 14.07.2019, natural flowers or their parts can't be used anymore in food industry within Dubai. Only artificial, chocolate-made or sugar paste-made flowers as decorative elements could be used. If you are out of Dubai, you have right to decorate the wedding cake by natural flowers after its acceptance from us, at your own discretion.
14. What if me or my guests have allergy on some products like nuts or dairy?
Please be aware that all cakes will be prepared in a kitchen where nut products may be used in other cakes and fillings. We cannot guarantee that your cake will be free from all nut traces. All of the cakes, fillings and icings may contain, or come into contact with, wheat, dairy, nuts. It is your responsibility to inform your guests of this allergy information. We shall not be held liable for any allergic reaction resulting from consumption of the cake.
15. What if I have an issue with my order?
We'd be more than happy to assist and support you! Please send us email to orders@katrinasweets.com or Customerservice@katrinasweets.com and we'll get back to you ASAP!
16. Do you work with wedding/event agencies
We prefer to communicate with our customers directly to understand what exactly she/he wants and clearly meet expectations, without 3rd parties what leads to miscommunication and might affect a result. If you are an agency and you could ensure seamless and streamlined process of work with end-customer, please write a mail to marketing@katrinasweets.com
17. What are your terms and conditions
All above mentioned information is entire part of our terms & conditions for wedding cakes ordering process. It is referred on every Booking Confirmation document sent to our customers, and meets DED Know Your Rights policy requirements.